Flash Document Viewer

View documents in Flash by converting PDF to SWF format.

The Flash Document Viewer supports more than 300 document types. No need to worry about any type of PDF or even other file formats.

The Prizm Content Connect Flash-based AJAX document viewer client works in any modern browser with Flash 9.0 plugin installed and JavaScript enabled.

Lightweight and flexible, it provides new opportunities for using PDF in document management workflows and custom solutions.

A Flash-based viewer client that supports high integrity PDF viewing for reading and collaborating on PDF files without Acrobat.

Adobe PDF is one of the most popular formats for exchanging documents on the web. PDF files look the same on every computer, are print-ready, and cannot be tampered with – that’s the reason why most instructional manuals, e-books, invoices, catalogues, and product collateral materials are distributed as PDF files.

You can not only incorporate PDF files, converted to SWF for display in Flash, but also Word, PowerPoint, Excel and other files, into your application or solution. Embed them anywhere, and let users view them without having to download anything.

Traditionally, to view PDF files on your computer using Adobe Reader, you to download the PDF to your local hard drive. Prizm Content Connect’s AJAX document viewer lets you view PDF files from the internet or a server, right in a browser. So you can view any online PDF file in the browser without having to download that file locally.

Convert PDF Files to SWF

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